Osteopathy is a manually guided therapy system based on the principle that the human body is a mechanical and vital unit whose structural and functional parts are closely interrelated. All these components are equally important and are capable to work together to solve a problem.

Osteopathy was founded by A.T. Still (1828-1917), an American physician and surgeon. The treatment is based on how to search and promote health in the patient.

The osteopath examine performing active, passive and orthopedic tests on patients in an attempt to account for the disorder from a holistic and not symptomatic  approach. The body is a biochemical, physical and emotional unit and both its structure and function are wholly interrelated. For instance, a problem of poor digestion can give a chest pain as a symptom, and if it is not asked, the patient may experience it as two separate processes.

Not only takes into account the structure or anatomy, but from a global approach, examines and treats the patient taking into account their physical, emotional and systemic perspective.

What is not osteopathy?

Osteopathy is NOT just a manipulative treatment. The “thrust” or high velocity-low amplitude HLVA) is one of the most common treatment techniques. It can result in a local or global relief.  Many proficient osteopaths perform just structural treatment methods. Good osteopathy does not consist in treat every part of the body that is blocked, it´s about to treat what triggers a change.

Osteopathy is not included in the curricula for neither Physical Therapy nor any other study. It is a recognized health profession in countries such as France and the UK, it is unfortunately not in Spain.

A.T. Still principles that define Osteopathy

  1. The body is a unit.
  2. The structure (Anatomy) and function (fisiology) are interrelated.
  3. The body is capable for self-regulation and self-healing.
  4. The body has the inherent ability to self-repair and defense. We take for granted that if we cut off one of our fingers, a healing is going to follow, we stop bleeding,… All these healing mechanisms take place at all levels. We are balanced living organisms who are constantly changing. When trying to adjust  to this change, if the structure is overloaded, disorders appear.

So with scanning and anamnesis the osteopath will try to understand the process through which the patient is undergoing. Practitioners will use the adequate treatment method to help restore the body’s own defense mechanisms

Osteopaths will perform anamnesis and will examine patients physically in order to understand the process they are undergoing. Hence practitioners will use the adequate treatment method to help restore the body’s own defense mechanisms.

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